Monday, October 13, 2008

Sycophancy & Niger Delta struggle

The Federal Government shouldn’t play the scrooge on the Niger Delta issue and our so-called leaders in the Niger Delta should avoid being seen as scroungers who work on the aegis of the Niger Delta leaders.

Prince Tonye TJT Princewill, the leader of Action Congress (AC) in Rivers State and a member of the Niger Delta Caretaker Committee was it who said that the Niger Delta issue could be a lifetime one if the art of sycophancy is not tamed among the frontrunners of the region’s cause. In an interaction with journalists in Port Harcourt, the dude extolled the humility in President Musa Yar’Adua and thanked God for giving Nigeria Vice President Goodluck Jonathan whose only sin Princewill said is trustworthiness and he happens to come from the Niger delta extraction. So, we are blessed.

Without sounding alarmist, many people have died in the Niger Delta cause, and a lot people have been strangled to death. The Niger Delta problem can’t be won if self-assuming people in our midst don’t turn a new leaf. We don’t always need violence to achieve our aims, what we need is unity of purpose.

Our youths should moderate their activities, and checkmating the youths could endanger ones life. Youths are a people of different philosophy and ideology due to their exuberance. We should abrogate the talk that Niger Delta is for the Niger Deltans alone; It is a global issue.

Princewill condemns any attack on the president of Nigeria and the VP. He sees them as sensitive people. They have been responding to the Niger Delta situation and shouldn’t come under fire. They should be encouraged because it is not easy to achieve good from bad. He believes that nothing good comes easy.

Our people should stop making derogatory statements! Our people should stop playing sycophants. We should be together like the broom, and not like the withered leaves scattered everywhere by the wind. Errant Niger Delta people should send such behaviour on errand. We have to dine and wine on one table and with one cup. No Niger Deltan is superior to the other. In all, it is not time to tread blames on individuals from our region that may have derailed as humans. We have to encourage ourselves for the betterment of the Niger Delta issue than playing the sycophants.