Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

OUR attention has been drawn to a silly statement credited to the PDP spokesman, Professor Ahmed Alkali that PDP is not happy with the penchant of Nigerians to attribute the flaws in the nation's democracy to its political activities. Alkali stood truth on its head and insulted Nigerians by insisting that instead of blaming the ruling party, it should be praised for not remaining aloof like other parties that have done nothing to move the system forward.

First, Alkali is not happy that Nigerians blame PDP for the flaws in the nation's democracy. Now tell us, whom do we blame for the mess we have found ourselves in Nigeria today? AC, ANPP, PPA, AD, PPP, NDP etc? None of these is the ruling party. PDP is the ruling party. For more than ten years now the party has been in the saddle calling all the shots.

In the past ten years, this country earned more money than any other regime since Independence and yet you cannot readily point to any tangible thing the regime has recorded in terms of achievement. Our Federal roads are in terrible shape, our Universities are in bad shape, our economy is yet to gain momentum, majority of our working class are unemployed, we are still running a generator-driven economy, corruption rating is still high, and our electoral system is in shambles.

Power goes with responsibility. To whom much is given, much is expected. We cannot get our economy right unless we get our politics right. This is because politics is superior to economics. Ask Prof Laski of the London School of Economics. Rather than using the power entrusted in their hands to wipe away tears from the eyes of Nigerians, the Party has been busy sharing the loot. The Party chieftains have become despicable treasury looters, rapacious greedy lots, mindless plunders of common patrimony, notorious election riggers, serial murderers, nest of killers, certificate forgers, Court jesters, manipulators, blackmailers, strange bed-fellows, compromisers, common criminals who divide the nation to 'win' elections. Today, the nation is far more divided than the PDP met it in 1998.

In one fell swoop, the party that claims to be moving the nation forward shamelessly sacked 20 Ministers. And what is most painful in this political rascality and immaturity is the fact that the party could not read the political import of this mass sack. To Nigerians, it is an admission of total failure of governance.

The PDP says Nigerians must praise it for not remaining complacent like other parties to move the system forward. Now ask yourselves, what will Nigerians praise PDP for? For dashing the hopes of 150 million Nigerians, robbing pepper in their eyes and telling them that the pains will continue in the next 60 years? For sitting on the back of Nigerians, choking them, making them to carry it and yet assure itself and a band of criminals in their fold that it is very sorry for Nigerians and wish to ease their lot by all possible means except by getting off their backs? For frittering away lots and lots of opportunities that have been waiting to be exploited since 1999? For encouraging and empowering a band of nonentities and nincompoops to ascend exalted positions they rarely deserve it in the name of party patronage? For the criminal policy of dividing a vibrant nation in order to continue to rule them? No, we cannot reward incompetence, failure, fraud, criminality, laziness. We sanction it.

Professor Alkali of the PDP made reference to Obama's victory in the United States and attributed it to many years of struggle but do we need to wait for 100 years to have free and fair elections? Do we need to reinvent the wheel? Why can't Alkali wait for 100 years to travel by air? Why can't Prof Alkali go to his home town from Abuja on foot? If Alkali wants to wait for 100 years to get it right, we do not think we need to wait that long to get things done.

The shameless clowns in PDP have been praising America for getting it right but the 21st century fools cannot do the same thing here to help the nation because of wickedness, greed, fear of people who are different from us, hatred and political irresponsibility. We must alert PDP that after the Obama phenomenon in the United States a movement is coming up in Nigeria. It is either we build this nation on truth, integrity, and honour or we put it behind us.