Monday, December 15, 2008

How best to enjoy Christmas

I have observed that when you remind an average Nigerian of the Christmas celebration, he or she gets frightened. But it should not be a fear-provoking event, rather it should be the time to be happy and have fun.

These are some of the ways you can really enjoy this season.
Most importantly, remember that it is a time to move closer to God. After all, Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. The main purpose of His death is to reconcile us back to God. A period to take time to appraise your lifestyle, make amend, forgo the bad habits and resolve to take up the good ones so as to establish a spiritual stand with God.

When the above forms the basis of your celebration, you can successfully draw your budget based on what you have and what you need and not what you want. Make sure that you do not go beyond your budget. Do not be confused by the roadside traders who will be ringing their bells to attract you to buy their products.

Also, before buying anything, check your lists. Make sure you don’t buy what you already have; after all, it is not a season of “everything must be new.” You might have some things, especially clothes that will serve well for the celebration than bordering your head to buy new ones at this rush and expensive time of the market.

It is also advisable to buy only what you need for this season and the things you planned to give to your relatives. Also remember to bless the poor. This will make you happy and bless you as well. Don’t end up buying bags of rice, carton of this and that at this peak period and will not need. This can affect your January when business will be dull and every worker visits the calendar on a daily basis calculating when to collect another salary. Be prudent in your spending this period, you will buy the best, enjoy yourself and stand to face January more comfortably.

Therefore, even as challenges of life come within the year, try to solve them based on your financial level so as to save adequately for your other celebrations like weddings, birthdays, naming and burial.
What I am emphasizing here is that your expenses have to be planned based on your income to take you throughout the year and the for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

No doubt, some people have made it big, financially. They do not have to meticulously follow the planning like others, especially the group that will get shocked at the mention of the approach of Christmas season.
I hereby encourage you to plan your ways to be happy with what you have. Rejoice with the big and mighty. Thank God you are alive when many have gone even as we are counting down to the Xmas. Because you are alive, there is hope that one day, you will get where you are expecting.
Do not worry. Be happy with what you have.