Monday, December 15, 2008

Moving Nigeria forward

It is really disturbing that after 48 years of indepence, the masses of this country are yet to experience appreciable socio-economic advancement despite the abundant natural resources God has bestowed on this land.

There are still widespread poverty, crookedness, lawlessness, cheating, embezzlement, corruption, injustice, immolation, intimidation, marginalization, tribalism and religious intolerance. If you put all these factors together, you will discover that the evil things happening in this country have gone beyond human comprehension and description.

hot, Nigeria has been hijacked by political vampires who do not want this country to move forward because of the evil politics they have inflicted on the defenseless masses of this country. The field of politics has been so polluted that decent men and genuine patriots are not given the opportunity to participate. Most of them have chickened out because the political field is too severe for their comfort.

Our economic failure is linked to our political failure because we have incompetent political leaders who often formulate faulty economic policies. The results are the unfortunate collapse of agriculture which should be the mainstay of our economic, the precarious dependence on oil and spending of billions of naira on power and other projects without anything to show for it.

I weep for Nigeria, my country and generations unborn. In Nigeria, anything is possible. Nigeria of 15 years ago is better than Nigeria of today. The country is sinking everyday, and there is no solution in sight to these lingering crises. Some people have been calling for sovereign national conference, some others agitating for confederation while others are contemplating secession.

Right now, we the masses are reaping the fruits of bad governance because we have been dumb and inactive for too long. We are so accustomed to pain that we think by ignoring it we can wish away. It is time for Nigerians to take their destiny in their hands and decide to move forward